Property Management

Diligent Searches Realty takes the stress out of property ownership by managing our clients real estate portfolios and serving as a quality professional liaison between owner and tenant Management Services include: marketing and leasing properties, financial and administrative reporting; managing repairs and service providers, monitoring maintenance and inspection schedules; tracking and managing energy use and consumption.

DSR will assist owners’ legal counsel, accounting and lenders with required document preparation, annual tax filings, compliance, investment analysis and proforma statements. DSR takes pride in professionalism and diligently works to facilitates profitable management solutions for owners and investors. 

Property Management

Diligent Searches Realty takes the stress out of property ownership. DSR manages all aspects of maintaining investment properties, including Energy Management.

DSR will work closely with owners Legal counsel and CPA in regards to document preparation, tax reporting and compliance. DSR Professional Services are designed to create profitable and workable solutions.

What We Do

– Process New Resident Application & Screening

– Lease negotiation

– Lease  Lease Renewal document preparation

– Tenant Lease abstracts

– Digital & Printed file management

– Building Rules & Regulations development and Implementation

– Annual Window Guard & Lead Paint disclosure forms

– Listing & Marketing services for Vacant apartments and commercial spaces

– Coordinate and Facilitate property tours

– Free online rent payment platform services

– Monthly Rent invoicing

– Rental Income & Security deposit account management

– Monthly building expense remittance

– Billing Invoice review for accuracy

– Expense recording

– Operating expense reports and analysis

– Expense reduction solutions

– Income & Expense statements

– Reconciliation reports

– Detailed End of Year Tax preparation report

– Tenants Arrears reports

– Vacancy reports

– Annual Building Maintenance & Inspection schedules

– Open Work Order reports

– Annual Building Registration completion

– Building Local Law compliance reports

– Prepare and develop annual operating and expense budgets

– Actual vs. Planned expense variation reports

– Comparable Sales & Leasing reports

– Local market trends and real estate economics reports

Assist Legal counsel with; Document preparation,, Leasing, Sales, Landlord/Tenant Cases & Court Appearances

– Receive Tenant service requests

– Outsourcing/Supplier Management

– RFP submission review and contract administration

– Supplier job assignment

– Elevator, Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher inspections

– HVAC inspections, service and controls

– Pest Control Services

– Emergency After hours call center services

– Building Security management

– Supervise ongoing execution of preventative maintenance programs for building systems

– Identify deficiencies and recommend actions for resolution

– Contract & Manage capital improvements and remodeling projects

– Management of Building Supply inventory

– Track & Coordinate resolution of Building Violations

– Building Energy Consumption Tracking and reporting

– Review of Electric, Gas, & Oil invoices for accuracy

– Water Consumption Tracking and reporting

– Energy reduction recommendations and implementation

– Energy Supply Company contract negotiations

– Implement and Distribute Building Emergency Preparedness information

– Post required building signage in compliance with health & safety laws

– Administration of the Indoor Air Quality plan for the property

– Administration of the disposal of hazardous waste materials that may be used at the property

– Ensure that tenants, building staff and contractors are adhering to health & safety practices and procedures

“As my Real Estate Broker and acting Property Manager, Janine has built a trust in our relationship over the past several years. One of the most impressive qualities in working with Janine is her ability to provide a win/win working relationship with both the owner and residents, Seller and Buyer. Janine has proven to be very innovative in creating a plan to sell my properties in a more profitable way. Janine has vision and offers a full view of opportunities. Ever since Janine was hired as my Property Manager and Real Estate broker, it has allowed me to be more of a decision maker and less hands on from the day to day involvement. I am at ease knowing that my portfolio is being handled by a true professional.”

- CJP Dev, Landlord/Investor

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